Video/Image Cues - Cross-Fade Videos


Video files may be cross-faded within individual Video/Image Cues, provided the Video Playback Library is xVideo or TVideoGrabber (TVG).See Video Driver Settings for details on selecting the Video Playback Library.

Warning: Although SCS technically supports video cross-fading, the video playback libraries used by SCS generally do not perform cross-fading very well - the cross-fading may be jerky. If you want to use cross-fading then please test your cues in the production venue with the relevant production equipment such as projector(s) connected. This testing should be performed well ahead of when you need to use it. If cross-fading is an issue then we recommend clearing the fade-in, fade-out and transition times, and just cut from one video to the next.

This warning applies only where video files are involved. Still image cross-fades are handled much more efficiently.

xVideo Library

Due to limitations in the xVideo library, there are some restrictions regarding cross-fades.


To implement cross-fades of videos, a Video Mixing Stream is assigned, comprising the video files involved in a cross-fade sequence. To simplify explanations below, a Video Cue that uses a Video Mixing Stream is referred to as a Video Mixing Stream Cue, but note this is just a regular Video/Image Cue apart from the conditions that cause the cue to be assigned to a Video Mixing Stream.

Key Points and Limitations

Video Mixing Streams are currently only supported for multiple video files within individual Video Cues, not between successive Video Cues.

Cross-fading from videos to images or from images to videos is not available.

A Video Mixing Stream is assigned to a Video Cue if the Video Cue contains video files only (no image files) and if at least one cross-fade transition is specified.

The xVideo library only supports having one Video Mixing Stream open at a time. So if you have several Video Mixing Stream Cues then SCS will initially open the first Video Mixing Stream Cue and leave the other Video Mixing Stream Cues as 'Not Loaded'. When a Video Mixing Stream Cue is completed then the next Video Mixing Stream Cue will be opened.

The xVideo limitation of having only one Video Mixing Stream open at a time can cause problems in the Editor. For example, if you select a Video Mixing Stream Cue in the Editor while a Video Mixing Stream Cue is currently playing then the Editor will not be able to open the files for the selected Video Mixing Stream Cue.

SCS only uses the size, position and aspect ratio of the first file in a Video Mixing Stream Cue. It is recommended therefore that you set the same size, position and aspect ratio for all the files in the Video Mixing Stream Cue.

TVideoGrabber (TVG) Library

Fortunately there are no known cross-fade limitations when using the TVideoGrabber library, apart from the performance issue mentioned in the warning at the top of this topic.

Key Points

Cross-fading is supported both within and between Video Cues (or Sub-Cues).

Cross-fading from videos to images or from images to videos is also available provided the still images are displayed using TVG, not the 2D Drawing Library. However, TVG does not perform well displaying still images, so unless you really need to cross-fade images with videos then we strongly recommend you select the 2D Drawing Library for still images. Note that the 2D Drawing Library handles cross-fades between still images very well.

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