Callable Cues

Callable Cues are only available with SCS Professional and higher license levels.

A Callable Cue is similar to a Hotkey (Trigger) cue except that the cue is started by other cues rather than by a keyboard action. Callable Cues are designed for situations where you may have the same sequence of events to be triggered several times in the show, where all those events can be set up as sub-cues of a single cue. The cue type that is used to activate a callable cue is the 'Call Cue' Cue.

Here's an example of a Callable Cue as set up the Editor:

Note that the Cue's Activation Method is set to Callable Cue because this cue will be activated by another cue which will be of type 'Call Cue'.

In the above screenshot we have the Callable Cue CC1 with four sub-cues. You obviously cannot see all the detail in a single screenshot, but the first sub-cue is an Audio File that has a duration of 13.85 seconds, and the remaining three sub-cues are Control Send sub-cues with differing relative start times. Sub-cue <2> has a blank relative start time so is activated when the audio file starts. Sub-cue <3> (shown above) has a relative start time of 8.5 seconds so is activated 8.5 seconds after the start of the cue. Finally, sub-cue <4> has a relative start time of 18 seconds so is activated 18 seconds after the start of the cue, which is 4.15 seconds after the end of the audio file. Only when all sub-cues have completed is the whole cue marked as complete.

Because a Callable Cue may be called many times, when an activation of the cue does complete, the cue is reset to 'Ready', just like a Hotkey cue.

In the above cue list we have several 'Call Cue' Cues. When Q2 is started, SCS will run cue CC1. While CC1 is playing, Q2 will also be marked as playing. Then when CC1 ends, Q2 will be marked as complete. The same then applies to other 'Call Cue' cue types (Q4, Q6, etc).

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