'Call Cue' Cues

'Call Cue' Cues are only available with SCS Professional and higher license levels.


There are two actions available in a Call Cue cue type:

The primary purpose of this cue type is to call another cue, typically a cue you may wish to use several times at different points in your cue list, such as setting a lighting plot.

A secondary purpose is to allow you to select a hotkey bank, rather than having to do this by a keyboard shortcut.

A sub-cue panel like this will be displayed:

Properties and Controls


Sub-Cue Description: Enter a description for this sub-cue. You can leave this field blank and let SCS create a default Description for you.

Relative Start: These fields are available for every type of sub-cue. For details see Relative Start under Audio File Cues. Then click the Back button in the Help Viewer to return to this page.

Call Cue / Select Hotkey Bank

Action Required: This is the type of action you require, which may be either Call Cue or Select Hotkey Bank. The action you choose determines which field is displayed next.

Call Cue: This field is displayed if the Action Required is Call Cue. Select a cue from the drop-down list. The list contains only cues that have an Activation Method of Call Cue, Hotkey (Trigger), or External (Trigger). A 'callable cue' - see Callable Cue - is similar to a Hotkey (Trigger) Cue except that the cue is activated only by this cue type ('Call Cue') rather than by a keyboard action. Regarding cues with hotkey and external activation methods, note that only 'trigger' modes are supported by Call Cue, not 'note' or 'toggle' modes.

Select Hotkey Bank: This field is displayed if the Action Required is Select Hotkey Bank. Select the required hotkey bank from the drop-down list. Note that SCS does not check if you have any cues that use the selected hotkey bank.