Options and Settings - Remote App Interface

Here at Show Cue Systems we have not provided a remote app but some SCS users have developed their own remote apps which are or will be available to other SCS users. Details of these apps will be available on the SCS web site. The purpose of the Remote App Interface option and setting is to provide a simple way for you to configure SCS and your remote app to communicate.


SCSremote is an application to remotely control SCS from an Android smart-phone or tablet. SCSremote can control basic SCS functions such as playing cues, navigating between cues, adjusting master level, and displaying cue times and progress. It is available to download from Google Play.

SCSremote has been developed by Simone Giusti and any queries on this should be directed to simone@rockopera.it.

Remote App Interface Enabled: This checkbox allows you to easily turn on or off access from a remote app. For example, during rehearsals you may want to use your remote app to run cues whilst sitting in the middle of the auditorium, but during live performances you only want to control SCS from the sound booth, where your SCS computer is located. By disabling the RAI (Remote App Interface) for live performances, you can avoid any potential issues if someone gets hold of your smart phone or device that has the SCS remote app installed.

Network Protocol: For SCSremote this must be set to TCP (which is the default setting). However, some future remote app may support UDP, so this control enables you to select either TCP or UDP.

Network Role: This is a display-only field that shows that SCS is a Network Server for the Remote App. The Remote App itself should therefore be a Network Client.

IPv4 Address: Your Remote App must be configured to communicate with SCS using an IP Address and Port number that your computer and SCS recognize. The IPv4 Address drop-down list shows the IP addresses currently available on this computer. For a Remote App you will probably need set the App to communicate with SCS via the IP Address of your wireless router. If you are not sure which IP Address is the right one, click the IP Info button for more information.

Note: The IPv4 Address list is for information only - SCS itself listens on all available IP addresses for a Remote App connection request.

Port No.: This is the Port Number that SCS will accept messages from. The default is 58000. Your Remote App must be set to communicate with SCS using the Port Number specified here.

The remote app may require two connections. The primary connection will use the above Port No. and the secondary connection will use a port number one greater, eg 58001. The primary connection is for commands sent be the app to SCS and for the corresponding replies sent by SCS back to the app. The secondary connection is used for SCS-initiated messages to the app. The app should not send any messages to SCS via the secondary connection. If the app does not request the secondary connection then SCS bypasses sending SCS-initiated messages to the app.

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