The Editor

The following sections are included under this topic:


Starting and Using the Editor 

Editor Toolbar 

Moving Cues and Sub-Cues, and Changing Sub-Cues to Cues or Vice Versa 

Undoing, Redoing and Saving Your Changes 

Production Properties 



Audio Output Devices

Video Audio Devices

Live Inputs

Input Groups

Lighting Devices - DMX

Control Send Devices - MIDI

Control Send Devices - RS232

Control Send Devices - Network

Control Send Devices - HTTP

Cue Control Devices - MIDI

Cue Control Devices - RS232

Cue Control Devices - Network

Cue Control Devices - DMX

Time Profiles

Run Time Settings

Import Devices from another SCS Cue File

Cue Properties 

Time-Based Cues

Callable Cues

Standby Cues

Re-Number Cues

Cue-Start Confirmation

Hotkey Banks

Cue Types

Audio File Cues

Live Input Cues

Stop / Fade-Out / Release (SFR) Cues 

Level Change Cues 

Playlist Cues 

Video/Image Cues 

Lighting Cues

Control Send Cues 

MTC Cues

Note Cues 

Memo Cues

Go To Cues 

Set Position Cues 

'Call Cue' Cues

Run External Program Cues 

Enable/Disable Cues

Collect Production Files 

Bulk Edit Cues

Copy Properties from another Cue or Sub-Cue

Copy, Move or Delete a Range of Cues 

Drag and Drop

Import Cues from another SCS Cue File 

Import Cues from a CSV File 

Export Cues to a new SCS Cue File